Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some pretty good news

I found out today that I passed that blasted pesticide applicator exam, so hoo-ray. In honor of that manual that caused me such emotional distress, I'd like to share a quote from the section on Pesticide Equipment Storage (you're breathless with anticipation, aren't you?)-

Never let children or uninformed people play on or around your equipment.

Doesn't that just put a really nice picture in your head? The children and the clueless, playing together? Hand in hand, skipping through fields? Just as long as you protect them from themselves. And keep them off your equipment. Ahem.

When Carl and I were in Europe on our semester abroad, Carl used to banish people to Remedial Life, where everything is made of Nerf. For example, the time we were in a Chinese restaurant in Rome, and one of our friends was trying to ask questions about what was in the riso bianco. Ok, first of all- what do you need to ask? And second of all, you're trying to ask this all in ENGLISH! When you're in a CHINESE restaurant in ITALY! IF, and that's a bit if, anyone speaks any English, it's a 3rd language at best. Ahhh. Brilliant. She got sent to Remedial Life, ASAP.

Oops. The bitter angry Susan escaped there for a bit. The BETTER news is that the director of the play I'm doing sets for liked my sketches. THAT was really good. We're doing Pirates of Penzance, and I'm doing Maxfield Parrish-inspired backdrops, which should look fantastic. I love his style.

I also think I'm going to whip out a couple of quick knitted cat toys from the Stitch n Bitch Nation book. I haven't started yet, but I think my boy needs some new playthings. I did some calculations to use a heavier weight yarn, so hopefully they'll go quick and I can show them to you soon!

Bring me the playthings!

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