Friday, July 27, 2007

A friend from work who was due a month before me had her baby this morning!

Soon, soon....

Have a delightful Friday!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Let's do the time warp again...

Sorry about the time lapse... I found that post I put up yesterday nearly completed but had never published it. The past 2 weeks have been something of a blur.
Here's the overview:
  • Started birth classes on the 7th. Only have one more next week, but I'll probably sign on for the breastfeeding classes after that.
  • Decided that the final week before La Cage production that my counterpart could be the one in charge and I would not spend much time at the theatre.
  • One painter was hauled off in the ambulance with heat exhaustion.
  • One painter never showed up to paint.
  • Used about a day and a half of leave (that I was really planning for maternity leave) to go work on the set, since we were short-handed.
  • Thought the whole show would be a disaster.
  • Was pleasantly surprised on opening night when everything went well and everything looked good. All in all, I feel good about the show and what I did on it. Pictures another time.
  • Carl got sick on the 10th and was out of work until the 17th. So far, no virus for Mama.
  • Began packing up books and art supplies and other things that we won't be using until after we move.
  • Made room in my dresser for several baby drawers- it's going to be a temporary changing table until after we move.
  • Finished a swatch for a lace scarf that I wanted to use for the delicious Schaefer Helene I got, and decided I don't think I like it. Pictures another time.
  • Went to the dentist- realized I really cannot lie flat any longer. As I lay there, I felt the baby's weight begin to move onto my diaphragm. Not easy to breathe that way.
  • Got another delicious maternity massage on Saturday. If I'm ever asked for a single piece of advice to give another pregnant woman, it will be to get a couple of massages in the final months. Eternal bliss.
That's about all I can think of at the moment. There was a lot of stress there with that last week of production, but all's well that ends well. Now, I'm getting ready for the baby and getting ready to get the hell out of this tiny apartment and this town! I'm so excited to finally get to meet this child. Just over 5 weeks 'til the due date!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Baby Shower

Three of my loveliest friends had a baby shower for us on the 6th of July. They decorated with balloons and flowers and the colors were blue and pink (as well as the standard yellow and green), since we were so uncooperative as to not find out the sex of our baby. We had a wonderful turnout and the weather was cool and breezy. Sometimes you think about all the terrible things in the world and it's scary to think of having babies... but then people show such generosity and kindness and you realize having babies is a wonderful idea.
Here's the most adorable Daddy-to-be. I love that sweet expression on his face. He's going to be an amazing father.
And heeeeeeeere's Mama! Pay no attention to that bruise on my arm- the 17 pound bottle of Herbal Essences conditioner and gravity won in a contest held (against me) in the bathtub a week or so ago. One of the great things about working in agriculture is all the fresh produce people brought from the fields to the shower! We had lovely fresh strawberries and the most exquisite yellow cherries I've ever tasted. I've forgotten the variety. People brought delicious food and Molly made a cake that was to die for, full of honey and buttercream and decorated with marzipan bees.

We were overwhelmed with the sweet and generous gifts. There were several hand-knitted gifts, lots of soft little onesies in various sizes, blankets and diapers, bibs and burpcloths, Dr. Seuss books and toys, and possibly my favorite- a Teddy fish. It's a stuffed spawning salmon, all plush and cuddly. My child will be the weird one in the black Rebel Without a Cause onesie snuggling its stuffed fish. We also got plenty of money to buy some of the bigger things, like the essential carseat and stroller and all the other stuff a baby needs.

It was all so nice that I've almost forgiven Nicole for using the codename "Jabba the Mom" to refer to me in the planning stages.

By the way, here's a sneak peak at the art piece I'm working on for the La Cage set. I figure two gay men who own a drag club would have such a piece, don't you? More pictures as time goes on!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hey- quick note- still here, still busy, still very round. I'll be catching up in the next day or so, I hope! 'Til then, have a happy 4th of July to my friends in the U.S. and have a great day to everyone else.