Friday, March 31, 2006

Well, why not?

I'm an aspiring artist. I work as a greenhouse research technician. When I'm not at work or painting, I love to knit. I knit in the car, I knit while watching movies, I knit while reading... and in my down time during the day at work? I read knit blogs obsessively! I love to read about other people's yarn. I love to see what other people have completed. I love that listening to knitting podcasts isn't strange in the world of knit blogs (apparently it is in the rest of MY world).

So I decided to get my own little slice of cyberspace. I've envied the online knitting community and clogged my friends' email accounts with pictures of my knitted creations for long enough.

So... um... hi!

*The knitting content is soon to follow*