Monday, July 21, 2008

A break from cover letter writing....

Can't get enough of that face...

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Not an hour after I posted my last entry, I got the call that I didn't get the job. I'm pleased to have gotten an interview, and in all honesty, this wasn't what I wanted to do for my whole life, but it was the chance to move on. We're still in the in-laws' basement. I said I wanted to be out by June, and here it is, July, with no prospect of moving in the near future. I work for an apartment management company, for chrissakes; I know how much we need to be making to be approved to have our own place, and we're no where near that. Where did my independent life go? The one where we had our own house, and our own life, and I could have an off-day unobserved. I was bored with my job in NY, and we were so ready to move to MN, but I've been getting a little nostalgic for my old existence. Things like cookbooks we used to use when we were grown-ups and cooked our own meals have been setting me off. This simply isn't the life we were moving back for.

Here's the back of my flutter sleeve cardigan. The yarn (Knitting Fever InterMezzo DK) knits up beautifully. I'm really pleased with how it looks. I've started the left front side. My original plan was to have it finished to wear to the opening of our new building at the main apartment complex where I work. It opened July 1st. One more goal I didn't make.

Blue is magnificent. She's climbing stairs, walking behind rolling toys and the occasional ottoman, and she's making all sorts of new sounds. She still hasn't gotten any teeth yet, but she's still working on them. How barbaric is teething!? She's the best thing her Daddy and I have in common, and after 9 years of marriage, we have a hell of a lot in common! We're both so totally smitten with her. I just wish we weren't starting her life behind the 8-ball here.

So I guess you can see I'm having a little trouble getting out of this great purple funk (I know, usually it's a blue funk, but this one's a little deeper). I'm getting some help, and I know intellectually that this can't last forever, but I can't see a way out right now. SVH actually started laughing yesterday when I was talking about it- he said, "But honey, you sound like me!" I'm usually the cheerleader, and I mean the things I say, but what I would nornally say to him to help just sounds empty. Anyhoo. Things are bound to get better, right?