Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Knitting Karma

A friend of mine sent me this email a week or so ago:

Have you ever been working on a project, and it looks great—you’re almost to the
end and you do something hideous to it and ruin it, but not enough to frog it
off the needles? So you have this mostly awesome, but slightly damaged
garment, and instead of starting over (because you’re really damn sick of the
thing anyway), you decide to give it to someone you don’t like. Is that
bad knitting karma? Will it tarnish all the rest of my projects for a
lifetime? ;)

I don't seem to knit enough presents to have any experience with this dilema. I've only made a few gifts. Plus, I'm mostly evil and I don't give that many gifts anyway. Well, I'd LIKE to give lots of gifts. See, I'm more of an inspiration kind of gal rather than a follow-through-to-completion kind, you know? I have wonderful ideas and stuff, but then I seem to lose all track of time, money, myself, etc. and suddenly the gift-giving occasion is over.

Anyway, it seems hard for me to imagine giving a hand knitted gift to someone I don't like, because it seems there aren't enough hours in the day for me to clothe all the people I love in hand knits, much less the legions of people I don't like (no, really, I'm totally nice- heh heh). But I suppose there are times where all your friends and coworkers are pumping out the babies, and you just keep knitting baby presents. I could see the heirarchy starting to shape up- you'd want the best stuff to go to the people you like the best.

I get the feeling from what I've read, that other people have done this exact thing- passed off the less-than-perfect to the less-than-loved. Am I right? Has anyone ever had any cosmic repurcussions? Please tell me! I'm DYING to know. It'll be a warning to all, the dangers of bad Knitting Karma. And then you can be one of my imaginary friends out there on the interweb, and if you have a blog, I'll stalk you, too.

Or you can just tell me. And I won't stalk you. Really, I promise.

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Aprilynne said...

No I never give hand knits to people I don't like =) even if they are messed up!

I did, however, give a baby gift to someone I don't know, today, actually. I originally knit it for some friends with a new baby. Then my life exploded and it never made it to them and their now giant baby.

So when a baby shower cropped up out of the blue today, I had a very NICE gift, and they don't know me either! hahahaha

That should be good energy, right?