Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cat Party

I listen to Bob and Tom in the mornings, and one of the things that cracks me up about it is the way they're all such dog freaks. They start talking baby (or doggie) talk when they talk about their dogs. Tom, the high-strung germophobe, has what he calls "Dog Parties" every morning, which is really just the time each day where he plays solely with the dogs. I thought my Kouros could stand some love like that. So after work every day, he and I head out of the apartment into the common stair and entry area of our building and we have a Cat Party.

Our apartment is pretty small, and Kouros is a strictly indoor kitty. Our old apartment was a lot bigger and had more windows with screens, so I don't think he felt so restricted in that one. That, and we'd just rescued him from the wilds in December of 2004, so for the first year he was VERY happy to be inside with lots of food.

So we head downstairs with a foil ball, and I throw it around. Kouros used to get it and bring it back, but I think now that he's in his teenage years, he's too cool for that or something. Instead, he chases it, sniffs it, turns around and looks at me, and crouches down to wait for me to throw it again.

He really likes to run up the stairs after the ball, and then chase in back down again. It's the only long stretch in his existance right now where he can really build up some speed.

One of the cat toys is almost done. I'll have a picture tomorrow, I think. Or maybe Monday. We'll have to see. How lazy I am, that is.

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