Friday, May 12, 2006

Knitting History I 1/2

I had forgotten, when I posted the Harry Potter scarf, about a project that came before it- the poncho. It simply slipped my mind. It certainly wasn't because it's EMBARRASSING or anything. I made the Lionbrand Moonlight Mohair poncho pattern, only I didn't use Moonlight Mohair becuase I didn't want the sparklies. I went to my LYS and bought light blue mohair and paired it with a railroad yarn running from navy blue to brown to coral. The combo was really nice, and I liked the fringe on just the one side.

So, here's me, last summer in my sassy new poncho. Please excuse the poor photo composition- I snipped this from a picture of me and my sisters-in-law (Carl has 3 sisters) at one of their bridal luncheons. You don't have to tell me twice how attractive I am when I squint into the blinding sun.

I'm wearing my poncho! It came off the needles the day before! Who the hell ever heard of blocking? And I decided an extra wide neck would be perfect. Perfect for a Flashdance kind of look, but that wasn't what I was going for. The best part, the part you can't see, is how I ran out of mohair for the fringe, so I just used the brown and blue and orange railroad for fringe. It looks... wrong. Like my poncho has roots... I'm sorry, _regrowth_ according to my sister the cosmetologist. I still like the way the two yarns look together, but I think the construction of this poncho leaves something to be desired.

Or maybe I'm just mad that my poncho didn't in any way make my thighs look any smaller. That Lionbrand gal, her thighs look super-skinny, and I hoped that maybe, like how the camera adds 10 pounds, the poncho would subtract a few. Ah well.

Well, I'm still supposed to be studying. Ahem. Please excuse me.

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