Sunday, May 07, 2006

Clapotis problem #1

Somehow I managed to pick up a stitch while I was knitting the increase rows. I discovered this extra stitch about 4 rows above where I had picked it up. This alone wouldn't be such a big deal but I picked it up in a position where I had to twist the stitches, so I was twisting the extra stitches, rather than the stitches I was going to... well this is very complicated.

Here's a picture of what I had been doing. The last stitch before each marker is knit through the back loop. You can see the columns of twisted stitches coming down from the stitch markers. Unfortulately the stitch I added was right before a marker. Rather than rip it all out, I just dropped the extra stitch and what should have been the last stitch so I could twist them instead.

The problem was that the extra stitches left things a bit loose as you can see a few rows below the 4th stitch marker from the point. I might have kept going, except I noticed this:

I twisted the damn stitch the wrong way!

It was probably for the best, because although I didn't want to go back and frog to that point (I know, it wasn't that far, but with the increases and my short attention span I was sure I would muck it up), it cleaned up the loose stitches and made every thing look much better. I was still close enough to where I had made the mistake that I really had no excuse not to go back. I'm glad I did. I'm pretty sure that's some rite of passage that means I'm becoming a more mature knitter; I chose to rip rather than think it wouldn't matter. It would matter to me, and I spent enough money on the yarn that I'd damn well better do it right.

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