Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We regret to inform you that Susan cannot come to the computer right now to write about knitting or art or the pet behavior class she attended because she is busy doing the happy-happy dance over the election results. She'll be back when she can talk about these things without her bleeding-heart liberal political views seeping into her yarny commentary.

Please Stand By.

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Amanda said...

SO many things to be happy about! The elections - YES!
Your new-found fame - BRAVO! Winter IK - Yay! And Knitpicks needles? I've been wondering - thanks for the confirmation, I have seen knitters talking about them, but you convinced me - I'm going to have to get some.

That is a fantastic picture of you and your hubby - you look like you're having a wonderful time! (And this is so funny, but your hair is much longer than I thought it was - I guess I associate you with your self portrait....)

And I too am hearing the call of the steek. I'm smitten with the Enid cardigan - I'm thinking I'll ask for the yarn for Xmas (if I can wait that long). Wanna knit along? :)