Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No Pardon for Tom

So, we're meat eaters in our house. I thought I'd get that out there right now. This year, we decided to get a turkey from our friend who raises turkeys every year for the holidays. I know this bird was well cared for, and had a good life.

The problem? He sent me a picture of it!

I'm sure there are issues of responsibility here, like I should know where my food comes from. We're very disconnected from our food sources in this modern world, and I think that's why farmers make smaller incomes and people insist on paying less and less for food. However, I'm also a product of my time. I'm not used to seeing the individual animals that make up a part of my diet.

I think I actually feel worse about seeing the picture of my turkey all alive and stuff, and still being ok with going ahead and cooking it for dinner tomorrow. I feel like I should have had some conversion to vegetarianism. I'm so disappointed in myself. Maybe that means I'm more responsible in my views than I realized- that my decision to be a meat eater was well considered and responsibly made? Man, sometimes I wish I could just coast through life, blissfully unaware....

Well, the house is ready for SVS and her husband to arrive tonight. The cooking frenzy will begin after work today. All you USA-resident-types- have yourself a happy Thanksgiving! Kisses!


hesira said...

Just be sure to thank Tom for his sacrifice tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

jacey (insubordiknit) said...

see, that's good. I have way more respect for people that know and are still okay with what they do than people that pretend or attempt not to know. good on you! enjoy your bird!