Sunday, November 12, 2006

America's Most Wanted

Do you see this cat? Don't be fooled by how adorable he is. He is a menace. Under no circumstances should he be cuddled, scratched, petted or, most of all, fed. If you see this cat, please contact the authorities. Do not try to approach on your own, especially if you have any knitting with you. Below are some photos of the scene of his most recent crime. He should be considered... uh, toothed and dangerous.

(L to R): End of yarn attached to skein, where sock was originally attached; Small bit of yarn chewed off- we have no way of knowing how many pieces like this were swallowed, only to be discovered later as brightly colored kitty nun-chuks in the litterbox; A needle, found on the other side of the room, formerly a part of the sock in progress.

The sock in progress, found in yet another corner of the room. Notice the lack of second circular needle. It is believed the needle pictured above is the needle removed from this sock. Note, too, the purple hippo, plaything of the suspect, in close proximity to the victim. The sock is in good condition and has already been released. The yarn has been re-attached and all ends woven in. A full recovery is expected.

1 comment:

Aprilynne said...

I especially admired the fact that he tries to blend in like another coffee grinder (i think it's a coffee grinder, it looks like mine) like he can't be blamed if you can't see him. lol

He's a talented criminal mastermind =) for a guy with no thumbs, he's very good.