Sunday, November 19, 2006

Preparing for a holiday...

I've spent a lot of time this weekend crawling into all the scary places in my apartment where it appears Kouros is trying to replicate himself. Unsuccessfully. All he's really made are hundreds of furballs that could be mistaken for actual kittens. But man, if he ever figures out how to animate those kittens- boy, are we outnumbered.

This is all part of trying to make our three rooms hospitable to the Sleepy-Voiced Sister and her husband (he actually has 3 sisters, but this one has a similar vocal quality, hence she gets the nickname). Now that all the fur has been removed, I think we can fit guests in the apartment. To make this possible, I've been doing the kitten extermination (AKA sweeping behind the computer table), I swept the entire apartment twice and then mopped, and this will be followed by several maintenance sweeps before Wednesday night. I've also been trying to remove our piles of clutter, since there really isn't even room for us in this place.

Amidst all the crazy cleaning (did I mention the Sleepy-Voiced Husband has tendonitis and has to "aggressively rest" his arm? And his other arm is starting to hurt because it's not used to all this use?), I have been working on the holiday knitting. I've finished one of the Jaywalkers, presented by the mighty Kouros below. The second one is about 3 inches into the leg.

Last night my friend, Eric, asked if he could try it on. I said his feet were too big. He said he didn't want to try it on his foot. I took the sock back.

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hesira said...

LOL at Eric! I'm in cleaning & recleaning mode myself. We have no cat, but our wool rug sheds like crazy. I have furballs all over my house too.

Jaywalker looks great. What size needles are you using. They're not too tight? I want to try the pattern again, but need to move up to #2's I guess.