Thursday, November 30, 2006

$#!^ $#!^ $#!^

Do you see what I see in this picture on the left?

Yes, as Irie described it in episode 13 of Irie Knits, I knitted the second sock in "coffee gauge." TIGHT! TOO TIGHT!

I can feel it when I pull the finished sock on and off, then I try to pull the second sock on and off. It's not much tighter in the leg, but I can feel it trying to pull it over my heel.

Why the *bleep* didn't I *bleep*ing notice that the *bleep* *bleep* colors weren't striping like in the first *bleep*ing sock? Now I'm going to *bleep*ing rip out twenty-*bleep*ing-five *bleep*ing pattern repeats and do them over again! *BLEEP*! *Bleep*, *bleep*, *bleep*!


At least I don't have to rip out anything on the uber-simple sweater I'm making for the Nephew-in-the-Oven. I thought one side was longer than the other, but they seem to line up all right. It's a boat neck sweater, so it's pretty easy. Started one of the sleeves, even. Thank God for small favors.

P.S. Yes, I realize this is a very boring picture of two knitted squares. Shut up.


evilsciencechick said...

I once knitted an entire sock before I realized that my mother is not, in fact, an elf.

I frogged an entire sock.

you think 2nd sock syndrome is bad, I had 3RD SOCK SYNDROME!

I feel your pain.

knitting bandit said...

I'm ripping out a heel gussett tonight because I didn't pay attention and had an extra 10 decrease rounds. It sucks!!
I like the striping pattern in your second sock best! Maybe you should re-knit the first one to match the second :)

Aprilynne said...

Oh...Blast, Oh WRETCH! That's blasted irritating.

(and EXACTLY why I always do both my socks together - I can never make them match when I do them seperate)

hesira said...

Well *bleep*! Nice square though!

Amanda said...

Yeah, I feel your pain - I just ripped out about 80% of a top-down raglan and discovered that my ball winder can hold a freakish amount of yarn. Now I'm knitting with something that looks like kleenex should come out of it....

Oh yes, and I LOVE the button! It's perfect! Let me know when you link it so that I can add it to my blog! Yay!

I made the blog public today so that I could give the address to Veronik - and I think I'll do a little "official start" post and introduce things a bit - feel free to edit/add!

Kristen said...

Coffee gauge, indeed. That's hilarious. Not that I'm laughing at you. Maybe near you, but not at you. Frustrations aside, it is pretty funny. And maybe I *could* sneak some give into the fabric on the Jaywalkers. Third time might be a charm.