Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bring your swatch to work day

Yesterday was Swatch at Work day around these parts. Of course I forgot my camera, so I have no proof. Gauge was spot on for the Nephew-In-Progress sweater. I cast on for the front last night and moved up to the bigger needles before calling it quits. I'm working on the Boatneck Pullover from Debbie Bliss Beginner Baby Knits. I wanted something very simple that nearly everyone would see as unisex- my brother-in-law is a true blue John-Deere-working, country-music-listening GUY. He's great, but I have the feeling we might have different ideas about what is unisex. Also, it was the only pattern I'd found that had a newborn size. NIP is due at the beginning of March, so something that fits 3-6 months would hit squarely in the summer. Not helpful. Anyhoo, it's straight stockinette with a nice wide neck for those big floppy baby heads. It won't be the most challenging knit, but it'll be another good chance to get a feel for sweater construction on a smaller scale before I delve into my first woman size sweater (stay tuned for further info on that one in the coming weeks!).

Big straight needles felt totally awkward. Turns out I'm missing working on that tiny wee sock. Actually, I think I'm missing working on Circs. The first time I knitted with a circular needle, I felt at home. I noticed when I was working on the felted bag (pictures of the needle felting to come, I promise!) that even the 10.5 circs give me the same feeling. Maybe I'm to spastic for straights. I may move the sweater off my beloved Addi Turbo US8 straights and onto my FABULOUS Knit Picks Options 8s instead! Squee!

Oh, and I might cast on for the second sock and knit simultaneously. I figure if I get too behind on the holiday knitting, straight stockinette is better car knitting that a jaywalker. Yes, we drive from NY to MN. Usually through the night. In good weather, 18 hours. Christmas time, we rarely make that good time.

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