Monday, November 13, 2006

It's official, I'm in love again

This time, it's with the entire band OkGo!. And it's for this video. And maybe this one, too.

How can I not love them? They're so ridiculously cute, they dress in my favorite nerdy-chic style, and they obviously have a sense of humor. Carl and I watch the videos regularly on YouTube.

I was going to get Carl the CD for Christmas, but I think we need it sooner than that. Like tomorrow.

Finishing up the toe on the first pansy jaywalker! I'm thinking I'll start the sweater for the nephew-in-the-oven next and then I'll do the second sock. I need to knit something on bigger needles for a bit.

Kiss kiss! Talk to you tomorrow!


jacey (from insubordiknit) said...

i know, aren't they just adorable? I love those guys!

I haven't starting knitting for my baby-in-th-oven yet, but i keep telling myself i will, after just one more project for myself, dang, when did i get so selfish? i think i forsee months of not very much knitting time in the future so I better get all i can done now.

hesira said...

I love me some musical nerds. And they DANCE! Thanks for sharing.