Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So I found this one today while cruising my bloglines...

Scout’s Meme:

1. How and when did you learn how to knit/crochet? Who taught you?
My Norwegian friend Berit taught me a few years ago. I had tried to teach myself back in college, but I never quite got it.

2. How has this craft impacted your life? (besides financially!)
I've got something to keep my hands busy (did you know I'm a bit hyperactive?)! I've got something soothing and productive to do in my "down time," and it's a good repetitive task to inspire creative thoughts. I get to make stuff, which I love. I get to buy yarn, which truly is wonderful stuff. Plus, I've made a bunch of new friends! Friends I get to take with me no matter where I go!

3. Pick at least one person to talk about who you have met through the knit-world and why you are thankful to have met them. Feel free to get all mushy.
I hear from a few people quite regularly (in particular, Aprilynne, Amanda, Hesira and Jacey- love you guys!), but I think what meant the most to me was hearing such supportive, kind words after my miscarriage in August. Every comment at that time made me feel like a cozy hug with a warm plush blankie. I love that my imaginary knitting friends are so forthcoming with affectionate words. It's so much warmer than the outside world- must be the wool. Thanks, guys. *sniff*


Aprilynne said...

aaawwww sniff sniff ***big squishy cyber hugs***

Very cool meme =)

hesira said...

What a great post. Sending hugs your way, too!