Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Love Note To Knit Picks

Dearest Knit Picks,
Hi. I feel a little shy writing to you. I'm all fluttery and nervous because I have a crush on your Options. They came yesterday, and I've been so happy ever since. They're all I can think about. They're so sleek and sharp. And they come with such a terrific storage case. I spent all of study hall today doodling "Susan + Knit Picks" all over my Trapper Keeper.

Do you think maybe we could go together? You know, like, on dates and stuff? We could go together to my knitting class tonight. And tomorrow night we have our banquet for work. You could be my date (there's nothing wrong with knitting at a semi-formal event, is there?). And we could go out on Saturday and find a coffee shop to spend hours cuddled into a cozy chair together.

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Love always,


Aprilynne said...

hehehehehehe I'll pass the note in the hall for you.

hesira said...

LOL. You and your needles!