Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Clapotis stew

Do you ever get something stuck in your head and have a hard time letting it go? I have some problems with anxiety from time to time, and I have a tendency to worry over things until I've driven myself half mad. It's usually... make that always something I have no control over, because if I did, I'd fix it so I wouldn't have to feel the anxiety. I just obsess.

I've got something on my mind right now, and I'm trying not to sit and stew. But Blogger has been VERY unhelpful, and not allowed me to post pictures of my COMPLETED clapotis to distract me from myself. Thanks a lot, oh powers that be at Blogger! Didn't you know you were causing me to stress? Why don't you have teams of people at keyboards, ready to fix anything inconvenient to ME, the most important person in my universe? How inconsiderate.

Well, here's hoping that it works this time:

The variegated yarn is Art Yarns Ultramerino 6, color 123. The purple stripe is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, and I think it's color 07.

I haven't blocked it, and I don't know if I will. You see, if you don't block it, then you can arrange it into the "little waves" if you wear it purl side out- which is how it was pictured in Knitty. It looks like this:

Now, sadly it needs to be packed away until it's no longer 200 degrees in our apartment. Stay cool!


Aprilynne said...

I do that too, at times, usually arguing with people in my head (the people aren't there, I'm just talking to them in my head) crazy!

Clapotis is beaOOOOtiful! LURVE it!

Charity said...

Love the Clapotis! I really like the yarn combo :0)