Friday, July 28, 2006


I was listening to a new-to-me knitting podcast the other day- Lime & Violet. If you don't listen to them already, do check them out. These women are hilarious, and I love to live vicariously through their yarn binges, since I don't gots the $$ to do the same.

Anyway, whilst listening to one of their episodes (sorry- don't remember which- I listened to the 1st 4 in a row and they got all mixed up), I believe it was Violet who mentioned that she had "horked" Lime's printout of a pattern. Horked. It was a term I once used regularly, but I honestly haven't heard since I moved to NY. The lovely ladies mentioned being in the midwest several times, and I believe they podcast from Omaha. It just got me thinking... is horking something we only do in the midwest?

I looked it up on Urban Dictionary. The link to the various definitions is here. Be warned... there is a sexual definition to the word that I had never heard of before. But then again, isn't there always a sexual slang meaning? But I digress. One of the more commonly accepted definitions was to steal something of small value. I guess you don't hork a car, you hork a pencil.

Speaking of slang I'd never head before, the sleepy-voiced husband and I watched an Anime movie the other night that had an expression that was new to me. Yes, it's geek time. But you don't know the extent of the geekiness yet. The movie was called Appleseed. We had watched the Appleseed that came out in 2004 the week before. It was based on the Manga/comic/whatever, which is geeky, but not that bad yet. Then the husband noticed that there was an Appleseed that came out in 1988. So we watched the earlier version, too. Remakes of cartoons based on comics, people! ACK!

But I got off track. Previously unknown slang. Right. This 1988 Appleseed had an excessive amount of swearing, and it sounded comical rather than natural. At one point, the main female character expressed her anger by saying, "That really gets my tits up!"

What? What the hell does that even mean? Do they rise up in dismay? I have this vision of her breasts leaping up and barking. Has anyone ever heard this phrase used? Or used it themselves? Do tell. Especially if it was back in 1988, when it was a cool phrase that I missed because I was busy listening to my horked headphones.

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Miss Violet said...

Dude, I am SO going to use "gets my tits up" in the next podcast.



Thanks for listening. :)