Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Work is boring....

It's good to be caught up on everything at work. Really, it is. But because we're all caught up, there's little to do right now. And the busy work I can think up? The greenhouse is too damn hot for busy work.

So I've been sitting in my air conditioned cubicle and blog stalking. Catching up on my faves, checking out the latest celebrity clothing disaster at Go Fug Yourself, and reading some new ones. I kid you not, I read Faith's entire archives today! SUCH a bad employee. But you know what? Nothing to do, and no vacation or sick time to spare. At least I'm not looking at porn.

HEY! I haven't talked about knitting in ages! I haven't done much, because I was so busy with the The-ah-tah, and it's been hot. I'm about half-way done with the decrease rows in the Clap. It's just not such a priority because it's wool and it's BLOODY HOT! But I do want to move on to other things, like a sock to match my poor homely one, and other fun projects I have in mind.

OK. Gratuitious Cat Photo-

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Faith said...

A. Thanks for the plug.

B. Your artwork is absolutely amazing.

C. That space aliens place looks awesome!!!!

thanks again.