Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bad Blogger and Community Theatre Drama

Hi, imaginary friends! Remember when I used to post regularly? Remember that? That was cool. That was before I became completely consumed with set painting. I'm very, very tired. For the most part, I work all day, eat supper, go paint, come home and go to bed.

By the way, here's the current progress on the clapotis. I don't like how the new purple makes the variegated purple look dingy. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I need to just keep working on it. It's my therapy at the end of a long day, you know.

I had an issue with an over-eager helper, with whom I've worked before. He's a very nice older man, but sometimes he makes me CRAZY! He questions everything, and while I didn't think he meant it, his questions come off as vaguely insulting. Anyway, he came in to paint during the afternoon one day, and painted the clouds in a very different manner than I had asked. I was fit to be tied, and that night when we all were in working I said it wouldn't work and he had to paint over it. He was very hurt, and I felt bad. I told him I was sorry to make him paint over his lovely clouds, but they weren't right for this backdrop. He milked it for a while, and then we moved on. It bothered me, though, because I've got a lot to get painted, and while I know how attached you get to things you've painted, he went in the exact opposite direction of what I asked. Where, in the words "streaky cirrus clouds with yellow reflected light" do you get the idea that fluffy cumulus thunderheads is ok? I was really tired of having my authority questioned. I realize he's old enough to be my father and he's been painting for much longer than I have, but I'm in charge. Period.

I called him, told him I felt bad about what happened and appreciated his abilities and his desire to help, but in the end, my sketches are what have been oked by the director. He can't take it personally when he comes up with an idea and I say "no, we're going to do it this way." I felt better after that. I've got a lot to get painted, and I can't be preoccupied with soothing bruised egoes.

The part that gets me is that yesterday he mentioned, just in passing, that he knew what he had painted was not what I had asked for, but he thought I might change my mind on the style once I saw the sky. It took a few minutes for me to process that. Then it made me MAD. So we're still painting this backdrop that I had hoped to complete this weekend because you thought you might force me into changing my mind? I can't believe that was something he felt ok about telling me, like it was some sort of explanation I would think was acceptable. It's community theatre, everyone gets to help. But, still, I AM IN CHARGE!

You know, I'm a friendly person. I work well with others, but when it comes to painting and stuff, I like to work alone. I LOVE to work alone. It takes some effort for me to orgainze work for other people to do. When I run up against resistance like this, I'm inclined to just stop calling people to come in. Ugh.

I thought venting would make me feel better, but I feel like I'm just stewing over the same issues. I'm going to let it go for now. The good news is, he's out of town for 2 weeks starting Saturday.

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