Friday, June 02, 2006

Weekend away

I'm leaving for a visit to my grandparents this weekend. They only recently got cable, so needless to say, I'll be without access to all my imaginary friends and the tools to blogstalk them. It's too bad, because, it's when I'm there that I usually need the escape.

Remember George's parents in Seinfeld? Yeah, you get the idea. At least they were that way, until Grandpa had a heart attack and a stroke and many many other health problems to follow in the past 3 1/2 years. Now, they're sort of nice to each other, and it's weird. I can tell Grammie is terrified to be alone, despite the fact that before his heart attack, she'd freely admit she married him to get out of her father's house. It used to seem they were just waiting each other out, and they seemed to barely stand one another and it was horrible to be around. I don't know if the panicked desperation with which she tries to keep him alive is much better. Especially since most of her fear comes out as constant direction and nagging, while he, in all his passive-aggressive glory, does the opposite of what she's saying.

Oh well, at least my Dad will be there. He's got more experience with diffusing situations. He's a psychologist- any wonder? Carl will be going with me, too. So really, it'll be ok. It just takes a toll, for so many reasons. Including the mixed emotions of being there while my grandfather declines.

Oh yes, I'll be bringing some knitting therapy. I should make mad progress on the clapotis.
Have a lovely weekend!

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