Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pirates in my Pants?

I sat through the read-through Tuesday night in a stifflingly hot circle of folding chairs. Oh, and I use the term "read-through" lightly. Yeah, they read the 7 spoken lines all right, but for the musical numbers, we listened to the recording from the show I had watched on DVD the night before. Did I mention that the entire second act is nearly all singing? Linda Ronstadt was not any better the second time through. She's a fine pop singer, don't get me wrong, but she didn't really have the vocal range for Mabel. Me, I couldn't do it at all, so maybe I should keep my untrained mouth shut. I had to be there to support and cast + crew bonding, blah blah blah... I might have felt differently if I hadn't watched the show the night before. A bit repetitious, you know.

Anyhoo, in the sweltering heat, after I couldn't draw any longer and the sweat from my hands was making my watercolor pencils run, I took out the clapotis and knitted. If you knit a little of your experience at the time into what you're working on, my clapotis now has a bunch of sweaty pirates forever worked into the fabric. Arrrrrrgh! [you know, like the pirate says] I worried by the end that it might felt, or that I would get delirious from the heat and miss a kbl, so I stopped about 15 minutes before the end of rehearsal.

Only two people asked me about what I was doing- the producer, who knits herself, and the costumer. I think they both asked because they were sitting on either side of me, and I managed to poke each of them with my needles. Did I mention we were sitting close together in a stifflingly hot circle?

It was my first time sitting in a semi-public place knitting. I have no stitch and bitch group here, and the times I've knitted with other people, we were always at someone's house. I could, I suppose, go down to the LYS and knit with the ladies down there. They get together Friday nights, though, and on Fridays I like to plop down on my couch without pants and knit while watching anime or something. One usually has to wear pants in public. Even if it is Friday night.

Ok, so I want a knitting group! A lot! Perhaps it's time I venture down to the shop and take a class. Or sit in on a Friday night group. They've mentioned that they have an open evening on Fridays. Pardon me while I get all ageist here, but I'd be the youngest by a good 15-20. And I have a potty mouth. And I didn't buy all my yarn there. Why do I hesitate? I've read over and over how vastly different people connect over knitting. So what's my deal?

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