Friday, June 23, 2006


  • 1 25' x 40' Stage Backdrop with a lovely daytime seascape, complete with cliffs
  • 1 25' x 40' Stage Backdrop with a deep dark moonlit seascape, minus the moon reflection, which I'll paint before it goes on stage
  • 1 6' x 4' plywood portrait of a bloated and formidable Queen Victoria - sketched, to be painted upon my return
  • 1 full size drawing of a 16' x 12' gothic ruin on plywood, to be cut out by the carpenter and painted while I am gone
  • 1 set of instructions to my painting crew for painting said ruins AND the 18' diameter round raked stage (instructions from the director = "rocky-sandy")
  • Plans for 1 wedding shower for a little sister, to take place over lunch the day before the wedding
  • 1 person scheduled to come and feed and love my little Kouros while I am away for 10 days (never done this before- longest we've been away from him is 4 days. I don't know if it'll be worse for me or him)
  • 1 Bridesmaid dress, altered to fit so I no longer have to put one of my arms into the bodice with me to keep it on
Well, imaginary friends, I'm off to the motherland. To Minnesota- to go to a restaurant my nieces call Space Alien's to celebrate their birthdays- to celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary- to celebrate the wedding of my little sister- to celebrate the engagement of my Godmother- and to get some goddam sleep! I am freaking exhausted from getting all that shit done, people! I need a break!

I may check in from time to time depending on schedule and access. Both the in-laws and the parents are internet equipped, but they don't know about my secret life here with y'all. And I'll definitely post pictures when I get back. Minnesota is beautiful in the summer. If you don't get carried off by the mosquitoes. And as long as it's not 95 degrees. Everyone have a fabulous week and a half!

P.S. Jenny! I'll be there tomorrow! You know where to find me! Woo hoo!


hesira said...

Hey Lady,

I LUV your blog. I'm a knitter + painter too. I read your entry about cyber friends vs real friends & got it.

Aprilynne said...

but it WAS 95 degrees! and 96 and 97 and 98... if you didn't leave soon enough it got up to 100! (at least that's what the weather man was threatening us with) we ran back to Texas airconditioning prety dern fast =)*)