Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Still here... still tired

4 days and counting until opening night. I've been completely exhausted. So none of those pictures I've been promising. Yet. I feel worse that I haven't downloaded and sent copies of pictures to my grandparents who couldn't make it to the wedding because Grandpa has been too sick. I told them I'd send them out right away. So tired.

So I'm including something else. This is a picture of another painting. It's a portrait of a guy named Steve. He has a very unique face, so he was fun to paint. I'm not so good with the neck and jawline. His neck is not that long. That's an area I need to work on. Once I have some time again (after my month of sitting on the futon every night and watching movies- which is exactly what I plan to do once the play is over) I'll do some more portrait work. I am doing a giant copy of a portrait of Queen Victoria for the show. I'm hoping to finish it today. I'll take pictures.

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