Sunday, August 20, 2006


Last night was a long night. I wound up in the emergency room with severe cramping around 7pm. They gave me some lovely drugs for the pain, and I slept a lot. It was much less convenient for Carl, since he didn't really get to eat (we were at a restaurant with friends, of course, when the pain hit and I had to leave), and he was awake the entire time. I had a D&C at about 1 this morning. I'm feeling much much better, and Carl is my Mom's new hero for sitting with me for 7 hours with nothing to read but a November issue of Family Circle and nothing to eat. He's a fantastic man- I'm so lucky.

Today, I'm hanging out on the couch. I've got a couple of movies to watch. I'm knitting a lot. And I've got some good company in my wonderful husband and my furry boy.

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Aprilynne said...

I was hoping you wouldn't have to go thru that. =( My sis-in-law ended up in the ER, too, but she had further complications, too, so keep up with how you are feeling, and if you get too tender on your tummy go RIGHT to your gyno. You probably got yours dealt with much quicker than she did, her gyno kept putting off her dnc and she got super super scary sick. So be careful - this stuff is not to be trifled with!