Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Activity Levels

I've been sketching, as you can see in my last post. I've also finished the sleeves for the Baby Yoda sweater, and I've begun the I-cord ties. I'm trying to once again live up to the blog's name. But it's hard, when these are your roommates-

It's a little dark, but Kouros is sleeping on the blue blanket on the left. I'm assuming the other needs no explanation.


Aprilynne said...

****yawns**** I've been super tired, too - it's contagious. (or a conspiracy) lol

Amanda said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on Brenda - she is quite a charmer - as your Kouros seems to be. I think they must have that same kittenish face - all round and full of curiosity. Brenda has taken to chasing her tail again after being spaid a little more than a week ago - good to see she's feeling better.

And, I didn't realize that you are also a misplaced Minnesotan! I am also and we dream/fantasize/lust after moving back there. Let's hope we both make it back soon!