Friday, August 04, 2006

Broken Heat and Birthdays

So, any of you been knitting? I sure haven't. Since it was about 175 degrees for the last week, I didn't do much of anything but sit and sweat. After I finished the Clapotis (see previous entry), I got all excited and cast on for my second ugly sock. But, since it was 175 degrees, I did 2 rows on my sock and haven't touched it since. Dedication, I'm tellin' ya.

Well, obviously if it was too hot to do much of anything, I've done no art lately, either. I can't imagine painting in this humidity and having it EVER dry. Well, it wouldn't dry before all the hair my boy in the fur coat is dropping stuck to the paint. Poor kitty.

So what did I do for my week of unbearable heat? I mostly sat on the futon, so no part of my body was touching any other part, showed my husband how much I love him by not touching him in any way, and stared at whatever the hell came up on the television screen. I watched a Led Zeppelin DVD, and I don't even really like Led Zeppelin. Ok, to be fair, I appreciated them MUCH more watching the DVD, because they really were geniuses... drugged-out geniuses. I think my problem with them is just that the sleepy-voiced husband listens to the classic rock station at work (did I mention that we work together all day? Did I? And then we live together in our 1 bedroom apartment at night? Did I mention that?) and they play the same 10 Led Zeppelin songs over and over. The live performance was cool. Did you know Jimmy Page has 9 inch long fingers? I swear, he does. He could wrap his fingers around the guitar neck twice without straining.

Now that it's a balmy 80 degrees, I'm feeling a little more like I could pick up the poor little sock and work on it some more.

This weekend is my dearest, sleepy-voiced Carl's birthday. He turns 30 on Sunday. I've got a stash of presents hidden in my sweater drawer (who the hell would look there right now?), and plans to take him for some Dinosaur Bar-b-que! He's a wonderful man, and the only person I could work with all day AND live with at night... without bloodshed. I love you, Carl!
Carl and Kouros, sharing a nap

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