Monday, September 18, 2006


So Sunday I got my oils out. I love oil. It's my favorite medium, probably because I know what I'm doing with it. My acrylic piece from a few days ago was an adventure, because I've only used them once or twice before. Anyway, I treated a few tiles with shellac (just your regular hardware shop kind) a week ago, which protects the paper from the oil, which would eventually degrade the paper. It also give a very smooth finish, and I like the way painting looks on it.

The thing I forgot about my precious oils is that they 1) don't cover well in the first coat on shellacked paper, 2) they take a long freaking time to dry and 3) I usually need to paint in layers. So, this medium doesn't work so well with my daily art project. The piece on the left is my piece for today, but you can see that it's rather splotchy and needs some more paint, some more shading, etc once it dries. I'll have to show you a final picture once I get to do it.

I also did a version of my last woman painting in oil. It will benefit from more paint, too, but you can begin to see the difference. And you might be able to see in the corner that there is yet a third lady being painted. That one will be unveiled once it's completed.

Wow. I've got to get to work on my piece for today. You probably won't see that one until tomorrow. Try to soldier on.


Aprilynne said...

Have you tried the good GOOD water colors? The ones in the tubes - I use them like oils, paint with them THICK, brush it down with water where I want to --- LOVE them, and they dry fast.

the oils looks good so far

hesira said...

I really enjoy seeing your daily works. I love your imagination.