Monday, September 11, 2006

Self Portrait #1

I got it done Sunday... but just barely. I wanted to do some self portrait work, and do you have any idea how many Victoria's Secret Models it takes to make just one of me? Those girls are a dime a dozen, I guess. I really like the way the long, windblown locks of the models work for my short hair- it's believable. Almost.

I must have been insane to try something like this on a such a small scale. I'm pretty chuffed about the detail I _was_ able to get. I chose the flesh tones deliberately to create shading and contour. I took advantage of highlights, too, like the shoulder I used for the tip of my nose. I drew in the pupils and the nostrils, because I would have killed someone if I'd tried to cut them out. Did I mention I used regular old scissors and not an exacto knife? I think that's why I'm looking a little Frida Kahlo-ish in the eyebrows. Among other bizarre things. Sometimes my fingers were huge and the scissors unwieldy.

It is a little creepy.


Aprilynne said...

That's crazy, man hahaha - I think I'd go insane trying to do that, I'm SURE I would - It's cool though, if a little intimidating, like, "I WILL kill you if you get too close." in a Russian accent. hehehehehe

sorta cubist, though, now I'm thinking a bit - I think Picasso would like it =)

m. said...

I LOVE this portrait. I know that as an artist you are probably your own worst critic, but I think it's great.

hesira said...

Very cool SP! I really like the ideas of taking the impossible image projected by VS and turning it into something personal. BRAVO!