Friday, September 15, 2006

Random News Round-Up

Do you have that coworker who talks on the phone about her private life too much? I do. I've spent my break listening to her arguing with her husband because he doesn't get up and get going on the properties he manages as early as she gets up and comes to work. They keep hanging up on each other. It's stupidly annoying. Oh wait, I think she just picked up the phone for call #5 to continue the argument. Newsflash- I don't care to hear about your arguments with your spouse in our office! Now, if say, one of my imaginary friends were to post about an argument with his or her spouse in a blog, well, that's a completely different story. I enter your blog at my own risk, you know? Neither my cubicle nor yours, dear coworker, is soundproof. You can tell by how the cubicle walls go only HALF-WAY to the ceiling.

I had my first Artists Among Us (AAU) meeting yesterday. I'm one of those motivator kinds of people. You know? I've got enthusiasm, I've got ideas, I'm a cheerleader for the cause! The organizational and follow-through parts? Not so much. I'm thinking I'm going to have to delegate. A lot. But, there were a lot of cool community art projects suggested, and some new blood on the committee, so it should go well!

Oh yeah, I've also taken on scheduling yoga clases once a week at work. Did I mention I'm dumb about doing too much at once? Actually, the work with yoga is nearly done. I just had to gauge interest and then set a time for the classes. Of course I'm trying to please too many people at once. I'm not good with executive decisions.

I got the word that next year's Theatre Guild show is La Cage Aux Folles and I'm on the grant as the scenic artist again. That's cool. We've been hoping we'd be in MN by next summer, but realistically speaking, we've got a good year at best before we can move. Oh, did I share that one? I decided to get realistic and look at what a move is going to cost. Of course it's contingent upon at least one of us having a job when we move, but I figured the actual costs (truck rental, gasoline, food, tolls, etc) of the move, plus one month of our living expenses, plus the initial move-in costs (1st month rent, damage deposit, etc). It's a big number. For us, anyway. All of that costs nearly the same as hiring a moving company to do just the move for us, so that's a luxury I don't forsee us ever having. My parents never did, either. I'm trying not to go by the seat of our pants, which is how we usually do things.

In other semi-creative type news, my boss has me designing a sticker for a new breeding-line of grape that we're supplying to research groups. The stickers will go on the pots so we can "all be rich and famous" as the Fabulous Boss says. I've found there isn't much to be done, creatively anyway, other than put our logo and the name of the line, "Pixie." Isn't that just nauseatingly cute??? I doubt I'll be able to show a picture of what the final sticker looks like, because I might work for a government agency.

In other news, after nearly a year of living in our apartment, Kouros has discovered the mantle piece. What is it about cats up on their hind legs that delights me to no end?

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