Thursday, September 07, 2006

CraftSanity Episode 32

Yesdterday's card was inspired by the most recent CraftSanity. She had collage artist Colleen Hellmuth as her guest. Colleen has a podcast in which she is given a theme and has 20 minutes to make a collage piece on that theme. She gave a challenge to listeners, using the word "Sweet," to make a piece of art.

My first thought was, "What are little girls made of/Sugar and spice and everything nice." I have wanted to try collage, but I had no paper in cotton candy pink, so I wound up drawing my pieces in sharpie. I liked the idea of adding myself in there, too, because I don't exactly fit the sugar and spice ideal. I just had to add the word, also. I had a lot of fun doing it. I've been interested in altered self portraits. I have the feeling I'm going to do more with it.

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Aprilynne said...

I love the pic of you hehehe It's SO ummm... sweet lol