Friday, April 07, 2006

Yarn shops.... aaaaaaaah.

I've made progress on my sweater, but considering I've only caught up to the last frog point, I'll skip any photo documentation. I brought my knitting to my painting class yesterday since I knew I would be prepping a drawing and must wait for spray fixative and shellac to dry. My teacher looked thrilled and said, "I didn't know you were a knitter!" and pulled out her current project to show me what she was working on. I love how yarn brings people together, don't you?

After class, I had to pick up a book for my husband in downtown Canandaigua (the chosen spot) and got to go check out the yarn shop. Well, it's a needle craft shop, but I got to play with yarn! YAAAAAAAAAAARN! I'm looking for yarn to make a Clapotis for my sister's wedding this summer, and while I didn't find yarn yesterday, I did see a scarf made from the most wonderful silk by Schaefer Yarn Company. It's a Finger Lakes company, they have a nice selection of handpainted yarns, and they've named all their colorways after memorable women (i.e. Frida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman, Indira Gandhi). I was so excited by the way this scarf looked and felt that I couldn't think of anything else for my whole drive home. My sleepy-voiced husband sent me to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things, and I was so busy thinking about this silk yarn that I forgot my sunglasses and had to wear the Ray Charles glasses left over from Carl's lasik procedure to see the road.

In the grocery store, I made a bee line for the magazines and pawed through the spring/summer Vogue Knitting (I recently subscribed and now I have to WAIT! Yuck). Only after I was done did I think about maybe buying what I went there to get in the first place. The friends who were coming for dinner were already there when I got back. Oops. You understand, though, right? I had a crush on some yarn, and I was moving around in a silken fog.

It was a good day.

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