Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I love podcasts. I love them! I listen to them all the time, and they're *almost* always about KNITTING!

It all started with KnitCast with Marie Irshad. She interviews all sorts of knitwear designers, bloggers, yarn shop owners, and artists who use knitting in their work, and while I would likely listen to this woman read the phonebook (can't help but love the rich accent), she's a good interviewer and puts out an interesting podcast. I was especially excited to hear her interview with Kate Gilbert because Clapotis was the first pattern I found that really made me want to knit and knit well. And I'm a giant goober.

On the KnitCast 1st birthday episode I heard Brenda Dayne, the host of Cast-On, who has to be the most charismatic podcaster out there. I immediately listened to all the episodes Itunes offered. Her podcast always includes an essay, and she's an excellent writer. And she's funny! Again, this is someone who I'd probably listen to reading tax laws or something; she has a melodious voice and is fantastic to listen to, plus she played a song by DaVinci's Notebook in Episode 9.

Brenda always plays promos for other fiber-related podcasts, and through her I've found several others. The one I like that surprised me most, because I've always been more hippie than punk, is The Mosh Knit. This show cracks me up! Maybe it's that the host, Brooklynne Michelle, reminds me of friends or maybe it's that she says things that run through my head. Maybe it's the casualness of her show; you can hear her typing away on the computer looking things up as she talks about them. I feel like I'm hanging out a friend's apartment shooting the shit when I listen to this one. She spotlights different websites than other podcasts, too, which rocks. That and she played Lesley Gore on her punk show! How fantastic is that?

It's a Purl, man! is another podcast I found through Cast-On. This one's hosted by Guido "2 Skeins" Stein and he plays great music. I think his 4th show is the last one I've listened to- the 5th and the Yarn Harlot special have been loaded onto the iPod for tomorrow- and I was really impressed with that show. He interviewed a bunch of different people about that God Damn Project that makes you go insane, and I really enjoyed hearing the stories. I'm looking forward to what Guido has coming up next.

The newest one I've listened to is called CraftLit, and it's by Heather Ordover, who happens to live in New York state, too. She's only got one show out, but she's got the LibriVox recording of Pride and Prejuidice included in her show. It's not the most fantastic reading or anything, but I dearly love recorded books, and having a little knitting talk included with my "reading" is cool. This podcast shows lots of promise.

Brenda Dayne took a sabbatical of sorts, and had guest hosts cover her podcast for the weeks she was off. Dave of Chub Creek and Sage Tyrtle of Quirky Nomads normally host their own, non-knitting podcasts, and they were so engaging on Cast-On that I've now become a big fan of both of their podcasts as well. They both host well-produced and incredibly funny podcasts.

That's what I listen to when I knit and when I paint. Speaking of my knitting, check it out!

It's a heel flap WITH a turned heel.

Is this sock soaring or what? I think I made some mistakes, but I DON'T CARE! It was so cool watching this heel take shape. I think I've been converted and now I understand why people are such sock knitting junkies! I love it!

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