Sunday, April 09, 2006


Gather round, for I have news. Brothers and sisters, I want to testify! I want to sing it from the mountains! I have found ADDIS! And now, my life is complete. Every evening, I turn my troubles over to the Addis, and my soul is at ease.

Damn those are good needles!

I finally found them at a lovely little shop in Ithaca, NY called Knitting Etc.. The woman who was working (I'm sorry I didn't catch her name!) had been to see the Yarn Harlot in Skaneateles on Friday, and was sharing stories from her evening. I wish I had known! I only live about 45 minutes from Skaneateles. But I digress. They had the Schaefer Yarn that I fell in love with on Thursday, they had some delicious silk from Art Yarns, and they had ADDIS!

I also picked up Socks that Soar! I've seen so many socks online knitted on 2 circs and I have to admit I was smitten with the idea, so when I saw the book and they had the addis, I knew it was meant to be. I picked up some Lion Brand sock yarn on sale to try the process out. I know, I desserve better yarn, but considering I invested in 3 Addi turbos in one weekend, I need to make choices.

Oh, did you notice that the bag on the right is empty? That's because it moved, lightning fast, into Tempting!

Woah! I tried to link to the Tempting pattern on Knitty and I noticed the new issue is up! Woo hoo! Um, so yeah, making mad progress on the 4th try of this sweater, my camera decided the yarn should be a garish purple rather than the pleasing wine color it actually is, I love Addis, and now I have to go look at the new Knitty! Yay!

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