Saturday, April 22, 2006


Today one of my college roommates is getting married back home in Minnesota. I wish I were there! Our other roommates will be, as will Erin's whole family, of course. I went to a small Catholic liberal arts college... well, University... well, actually 2; one where the men lived, one where the women lived. Trust me, it didn't keep any of the usual shenanigans from happening. We just had to be more creative. Anyway, many students were part of a long family tradition of attendance at St. John's and St. Ben's, like my husband, whose great-grandfather's farm eventually became part of the University. Erin's brother and sister both went there, so I got to know her whole family, which isn't as typical of college friendships as it is of high school friendships.

I remember senior year of college, my roommate Emily and I were discussing marriage. I had recently started dating a man I knew I was going to marry (and did!) and we were speculating who Emily, Erin and Sarah would all end up with. We decided that once some guy finally figured out how awesome Erin was, beyond her ability to drink them under the table without batting an eye, he'd snap her up and not let go! She just had to find a guy who could see beyond the fabulous drinking buddy she could be. I got married a couple of years later, and moved to upstate NY for some unnecessary and uncompleted graduate work, Sarah did a masters in NYC, Erin did a masters in England, and Emily went to DC, Boston, Berkeley, Singapore, Hong Kong... I *think* that's it (and got several degrees to rule the world). So we haven't all been together much.

Emily and I got together for Thanksgiving a few years ago and we'd both just gotten the email from Erin about how she'd met a "not-stupid boy." This boy was so not stupid that when he went to pick up the engagement ring (Erin was waiting in the car), he couldn't even wait before he left the parking lot to propose. It was just like we said back in college. Neither Emily nor I have met Ben- until Emily does this weekend.

I'm so sad I can't be there. I went to my sister's final show of college (she's a dancer) in Oklahoma in March, and I'm (of course) going to my other sister's wedding in Minnesota in July. I just didn't have the funds for a plane ticket or the time to make an 18-hour-drive one-way even feasible. My comfort is that we hope to move back to the Twin Cities in the next year or so, so I can catch up with Erin and husband then. I'm sure it's going to be a fabulous party- Erin's family never throws a dull one! I wish I could be there, partly because she was at mine and ushed well. Oh yeah, Emily and Erin ushed- Emily refused to wear a slip and said she used her panty-lines to guide everyone to their seats. I'd love to witness all the love at this wedding.

Congratulations Erin! I wish I could be there! All my love!

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