Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ribbit, ribbit...

Frogged Tempting again.

I awoke this morning thinking it would be a blissful day of frolicking in the sun and making progress on this project. And it was. I was happily knitting away and listening to Cast-On; the sunlight was streaming through the windows. Later, I was trying to pick up around the house and I discovered the pattern under a stack of papers. For some reason, by the third time I cast on for this silly sweater I had stopped looking at the pattern. Looking at it again, I realized that I had cast on 20 fewer stitches than I was supposed to have done. Twenty fewer stitches meant I was knitting a garment smaller than the smallest size written.


So I went to the store and bought chips, salsa, lime Coca-colas and a bar of dark chocolate. My sleepy-voiced husband and I nearly finished the jar of salsa and I worked up the courage to cast on once again. That done, I'm off to clean some more. Then I'll come back, check the number of stitches once again, double and triple check for twists, and I will knit for the rest of the evening. If I screw up again, though, I think I'm going to have to put this project aside for a good long time and start something new.

By the way, Fantastic Boss once again had a fantastic dessert party.

I didn't have my buffet strategy down when I got there, so I got full too quickly. I'm hoping he brings left-overs in on Monday.

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