Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Workplace Encounter, Part Deux

Carl has taken the liberty of putting several very important dates on our work calendar (our lab's time off calendar). Tomorrow, for example, is "Carl Appreciation Day." Fantastic Boss said, to him, every day is Carl Appreciation Day.

Next Tuesday is "Blond Guy Day, " while Friday, October 20 is "Bring Your Gin To Work Day." October 24 is "Give Carl 20$ Day," and October 27th is the Feast of St. Awesome, which Carl needs to take off to celebrate.

I'm pretty sure October 18th is the "Leos Among Us Celebration" which works for both FB and Carl, since they are both Leos. It's conveniently happening two weeks before the "Artists Among Us Show" that I'm coordinating. Thank GOD I didn't double book and have them the same day!

Mark you calendars, kids. October is a very important month.

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