Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tiptoe through the... pansies?

Hi. Remember me? I just fell off the face of the earth for over a week! I don't know what happened, but apparently nothing in my life was blog-worthy. I'm sure y'all just assumed I was busy playing with all my yarn, and you'd be right!

I cast on a pair of jaywalkers with my new sock garden AND my new Knit Picks needles! Love the sharp pointy wonderful needles even better than my addis! Love them!!!! They're US1, and that is damn small! I'm really having to concentrate not to knit too tightly. Love the pattern, though! It feels so simple, but the results look magical.

I had a bit of trouble with the gauge. When counting gauge in the zigzag pattern, do you count along the zigzag row? I can't imagine how you would count directly across, but I just wanted to be certain. I know some of you out there (APRIL!) have made several pairs and I would welcome your expertise (hint hint). Also, my socks aren't 4" across, so it's hard to get the actual gauge. I've mostly been using my own leg as a guide- ah, the beauty of knitting socks on 2 circs- so easy to try on! I'm pretty sure the recipient of these socks has daintier calves than I, so if they're a bit snug on me, they should be just right on her. I'm also keeping track of the number of repeats I'm doing (this is the most organized I've ever been!), so if I have to make the first sock shorter, I can still make them match.

I like the way the yarn looks, especially the transitions between the yellow and the black on one end and the pink on the other. I almost wish the transitions were longer and more gradual. The one change I myself would make would be to use a red, perhaps more like a maroon or burgundy, rather than the pink. It's a more common pansy color to my mind.

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hesira said...

I love those colors! The Jaywalkers look great in variegated. I tried that pattern before, but it turned out too tight (especially at the heel). I couldn't get my foot into it, and my foot is kinda small. I used Opal Uni, and #1's. I plan on giving it another shot, using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, and #2's next time. Can't help you with the gauge. I've never tested the gauge on socks. I just knit them until I get the heel turned, then try them on. Real efficent, huh? Anyway, looking good!