Monday, October 23, 2006

Fearsome leader

Sometimes I get really grumpy. I'm having one of those days where I'm feeling all pathetic and tired and crabby and I just want to curl up like Kouros, with the tip of my tail up over my nose, and be left alone.

I'm not one of those organized types. I don't like being in charge. Why do I keep doing it? This time, it's the art show. We had a meeting for it today, and I just hated everyone I'm working with on it because they just stared at me during the meeting OR complained about the fact that we were asking for photographs to be matted or framed for display. A pre-cut matte is only a few bucks, and it doesn't seem to me to be exorbitant, but you'd think we were asking people to mount them on gold bricks the way she was going on about it.

I don't like doing the calling, emailing and coordinating. I have ideas. I can get excited. I can get other people excited. The follow through? Not so much. Oh well, it'll happen and it'll be over next Friday. It's just a gray, cloudy, cold day out there, and I'd much rather be snuggled up in the delicious plush blankie my sister gave me as a bridesmaid gift, knitting on my super secret project (to be shown at a later date, after the gift has been given) or on those pretty pansy jaywalkers (see last post).

Thank goodness I have yoga tonight after work. That will put me back into a more relaxed frame of mind. Oh, did I mention I'm in charge of that, too?

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