Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My sleeping boys

So Kouros has a thing about forts. He used to like to sit in boxes turned on their sides. He loves to snuggle into the space under the television on the cushion I put there for him. He sits under chairs and likes to dart out from under them when a foil ball is tossed. But he never liked to be under the covers. Unless I was making the bed. And I think he liked to be in the way far more than he liked to be under the covers.

Did you see that?

Lately, though, Kouros has enjoyed climbing under Carl's knees when he reads in bed. It's like a little pup tent for my kitten (lame). He even falls alseep under the blankets with us now. Carl's game "buried alive," played when Kouros would be annoying us on weekend mornings when we wanted to sleep later than 6am, is no longer a punishment.

You didn't? Look again!

So tonight when I couldn't find the boy in the fur coat, I started to ask my sleeping sleepy-voiced husband where he was, and then I stopped, because I saw this:

Carl's gonna kill me for this one.


Aprilynne said...

funny =) I'm surprised you could see that at all!

oh.. and I did get some extra knitting time yesterday! yaay

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Amanda said...

This looks SO familiar - sleeping husband, big blue futon, cozy kitty.... All I need now is a BIG Minnesota blanket like yours (I'm right, aren't I, about the maroon and gold? What else could it be??) Fabulous!