Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The one where I brag about my husband

Today, I officially start my third trimester. And the high for Friday is supposed to be near 90F. I am so pumped.

Every week we have lunch with my favorite person, Nicole. She's been my classmate (only she's about to finsh her PhD- sucker!!), study partner, angry kickboxing pal, shoulder-to-cry-on and great friend for the past 6 years. It's going to be sad when we all jump ship and move on to the next thing, but we love them (her husband is the one who wanted to try on my Mom's Jaywalker... just the one...) and we'll keep in touch with them, I know. The thing is, she's busy, and sometimes stuff in the lab is unpredictable, and also maybe she can be a little forgetful, so we email every week to check that she's available for lunch.

Today, my internets hated me and my computer froze up so I had Carl email Nicole. This was his message:

Wednesday comes from the Germanic Woden's day. Woden is the same as the Norse god Odin. Also, I was wondering if you will be joining us for lunch today.

Is there any wonder why I love him? Just imagine that being read out loud, in a sleepy voice, kind of like Joel from MST3k. He makes me laugh like no one else. That, and I'm easily amused right now because I don't get enough blood to my brain anymore. Love y'all!


JustApril said...

Nice hubby, good job, dude. =)

That's hilarious and cool. It's nice to have friends.

Mary Tess said...

I just read your comment on Franklin's blog about clothing the baby in paper bags and had to write to tell you I appreciate your and your mother's senses of humor. Obviously your baby will be in good hands. Congratulations.