Sunday, June 10, 2007

Catching up with what I've been doing

I finished the baby socks quite a while ago, but I kept blogging from work (over break, of course, Big Brother) and the pictures were on my computer at home. So here they are, in all their purpleness. They haven't been washed and blocked yet... or wait, has the right one (the first one) been washed? I can't remember now, but hopefully the slightly tighter leg in the second one (on the left) will loosen up. Please?

Franklin blogged recently about the guilty-feeling mother with whom he discussed knitting on the train one morning. She felt bad because she doesn't knit and her kids are clothed in all store-bought clothing. I have done the opposite. The only baby garments I have right now are those I've made. These socks are joined by the two sweaters I've knit: this one from last summer; and my citrus stripe sweater to which I haven't attached the sleeves yet because it keeps looking terrible. I think I might need to rip back a bit on the sleeves because they're too large at the top for the armholes or something. I'm getting a really thick join and I don't like the way it looks at all.

Anyway, the two sweaters and the wool socks aren't going to cut it for a baby born in late August or early September. I need to get my act together and get ready for this child! We've been trying to move, and we still are, but the job search is painfully slow. We've decided we're going to give ourselves until July 1. If we don't know that we're moving by then, then we're probably not moving until after the baby is born. We'll continue the job hunting, but we'll move into a different mode. We'll then be available by October 1, and we'll make plans to move then no matter what. We'll keep socking away savings, and we'll job hunt THERE. It's kind of hard to get many serious options when you're applying from across the country. We'll also then focus on getting our too-small apartment ready for the new arrival, which will combine well with packing, since we're going to need to make some freaking space!

I'm feeling better knowing that we have a plan (or a plan for a plan). I really want to start feathering my nest, registering for adorable little onesies and buying diapers and wipes and stuff. We haven't wanted to start all of that and then haul it all across the country a month later, but we're getting close now, and it's time to get ready.

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JustApril said...

Well the socks look adorable and the Sweater in pieces also looks cute, I hope you can figure out the joins a little better, it'd be a pity not to see baby in that someday =)