Thursday, June 21, 2007

Crazy Busy at 30 Weeks

Happy Birthday to my Gabby girl! She's 8 years old today. She was born 5 days before my wedding, and now she's a great big kid who reads books and plays soccer and has an amazing sense of comedic timing. I can hardly believe she's grown so much. I have a cousin who is 8 years older than me, and she was my rockstar growing up. I thought she was the coolest, and I wanted to be just like her. I'm sure my child will look up to my Godchild in the same way.

I am currently working like crazy on a poster for my boss to take to a meeting in early July, putting together our baby registry (how many freakin' kinds of carseat are there, anyway?!), and getting sketches done and buying paint for my crew on the musical this summer. We're going for an impressionist look, which is difficult to translate to a full size (25'x40') stage drop. Our individual brush strokes are going to be done with 9" rollers. I've done more preliminary sketches for this show than I have for any show in the past, and I now have 2 approved. TWO! That's it! It's been a challenge this year. Here's the first sketch I got approved-
It's the backstage area of the nightclub. Yes, I do appreciate the irony of painting a full stage backdrop of a backstage to hang in front of a backstage. The real backstage is painted flat black, though, precisely so it won't be visible. The painters are under strict orders not to allow the brick wall to slide downward on the stage right side. I'm blaming it on the belly getting in the way of my arm.

I'm doing none of the drop painting this year. It's good because I shouldn't be around that much paint for that much time anyway. It's also tough because I can't help get all these drops done to be hung in 10 days. I always hate not being able to pull my weight, even though I'm doing exactly what I signed up for- designing but no painting.

Speaking of my weight, we're officially retiring the belly picture outfit...... in favor of real maternity shirts. Much better. More when some of the crazy dies down!


hesira said...

Wow! You look great in red!

Love the idea (and sketch) of the impressionistic backdrop.

JustApril said...

Can't wait to see the finished impressionistic backdrop, it looks cool already.

That's a really great pic of you in the red outfit, I like the softness of it.

Amanda said...

Look at you all cute and preggo! The maternity shirt looks fab - and I agree, red is your color!

Thanks for giving me permission to NOT give my ball-o-fluff kitten an academic name - I really do think that is the thing that's been tripping us up, that it must be a "good and smart" name that we will be proud to tell others. When really, we just call him Mr. Pants all the time and it's dangerously close to sticking even though it's really stupid!

Good heavens, if naming a cat is this much trouble, I can't imagine naming an actual person - have you and SVH been going round and round with the name books?