Thursday, May 31, 2007

Banana Sammiches!!!

Just over something or other viral that felt an awful lot like strep throat. Also, just started production on the summer musical and I've been busily pimping myself with new and improved resumes and applications online. I've been busy, and I just haven't been so chatty.

That is, until now.

I just read Evil Science Chick's latest on banana sammiches. I hope that link works, but I can't check because The Man thinks that's an adult site and therefore not able to be viewed on my computer (hence the reason I never get to comment- sorry ESC! I read every post and laugh!). Damn Watchdog Software. I can still get all her posts via bloglines, so I'm not sure what it protects me or my coworkers from, but I digress. She was discussing the proper condiments on a banana sandwich. Her husband puts mayo on his. I THOUGHT MY FAMILY WAS THE ONLY ONE! I love love LOVE banana and mayonaise sandwiches! And then I remembered- she's in Georgia (and I think her hubby is from the south?). My mother is from Georgia, and that is who introduced me to the lovely, almost sweet and sour flavor of the banana-mayo sammich (I've got to stop saying sammich- last week I actually ordered a portobello "sammich" in a restaurant). Personally, I think it has to be REAL mayo, not light and definitely not miracle whip.

I haven't had one in years. Probably because my Sleepy-Voiced Husband thinks that mayonaise, specifically commercial mayo, is the most repulsive disgusting thing in the world. I may have mentioned that I like to eat banana-mayo sandwiches in the past, but I think if he actually SAW me eat one it might cause a serious rift in our relationship. I bought bananas for the week he was gone, but I ended up eating them in my cereal. Too many bananas in one day can plug you up, and since that's already one of the common side effects of being pg, I didn't go for more than one in a day.

Still, I've been thinking about them a lot lately. Toasted bread, mayo, lovely firm banana... perhaps I'll have to eat one stealthily so I don't totally gross out the SVH. By the way, thanks ESC, for the banana slicing tip. My mom always sliced them into rounds and slippage was a problem. Cutting the banana length-wise makes much more sense. SVH would probably have helped me come up with that same idea (he's of German descent, you know), if I only could admit my deep dark craving...


evilsciencechick said...

banana and mayo! nooooooooo!!!

it must be a southern thing. my husband is from alabama, so that's how he grew up with it. I am from the north, so we are more refined in our fruit sammich eating habits ;)

and PFT to your big brother software. I haven't posted about sex in MONTHS. I guess I'm due for one, though. At least I should post something that will your company's software something EXCITING to block ;)

JustApril said...

Miracle Whip SUX and Mayonnaise is AWESOME. I'll have to try that sammich idea and I love to say sammich. I don't care where I'm from (Minnesota) but they put butter on meat sandwiches there, so why is mayonnaise gross on bananas? Celery is good with peanut butter and it's good with bananas, too, peanut butter I mean. I love this post, not mine yours because I'm talking enough for this to be a post. bye

Heather said...

: )
OMG I love the card game!
You're my hero(ine)
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