Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Seduced by the Dark Side

I am hearing the siren call of the crochet. Seriously, I am. I'm bravely fighting the persistent whisper of the loom, and so far the sewing and the spinning haven't beckoned to me, but the fact that I taught myself to crochet back in high school and I already have some hooks lying around is making it so much easier to consider.

The reason, first and foremost, is the Babette Blanket that everyone and her blog are working on these days. I'd been thinking about blankets, and the prospect of knitting a blanket seemed a bit slow. I remember crochet as being a little quicker. Plus, when you see this and this, how can you resist? It's positively Klimtian!

Then, while perusing the new Crochet Queen Thread at the Lime and Violet message boards, I followed a thread to the Stitch Diva Crochet Tutorials and discovered Tunisian Crochet! I must have it! I love love LOVE the fabric it makes! It's like weaving, knitting and crochet all in one. I'm infatuated with the pattern of it, especially with the multiple colors. I just want to stare at the fabric. I'm totally thrilled by it.

Do I really need another hobby? The knitting is slow enough, and I want to make everything in the world. I still haven't learned batik. I'm still fighting the weaving impulse. I have a full time job, an art career to launch and a baby on the way. I still have to move across the country and find another full time job. I'm lacking focus these days. But those pictures are so inspiring, aren't they?

Of course I'm going to play with crochet. I'll probably even pick up a Tunisian Crochet hook and learn it. Because I've learned when I'm making things I find exciting, I'm inspired to make even more things. The more I do, the more I do. As long as the creative juices are flowing, it's good.

By the way, is there a wealthy person out there who'd like to be my benefactor? I can make you all manner of crazy things. Your castle would have tapestries and tiles, paintings and warm blankets, murals and mosaics, and your body would be draped in lovely garments and handmade jewelry. You just have to, you know, support me (and my family) financially. Any takers?


hesira said...

OMG! I clicked the link before I read further on your post, and I thought: Klimt! There you go, great minds and all.

I saw that blanket in a magazine a while back and was intrigued, but shuddered at the sewing together aspect of it. I'm pretty sure there's some Fibonacci going on there, but I'll have to look at the pattern again to be sure.

Crochet, paint, knit, do it all. Van Gogh always said, "Strike while the iron's hot". Admittedly, he's not the best example for longevity, but DAMN! He got some stuff done.

JustApril said...

Crocheted blankets are MUCH faster than knitted ones, true. The Tunisian thing was weird and cool. So if you must go to the Dark Side, just be careful in there. I'm sure Crochet Vader is lurking in there just waiting to tell you something you'll say "NOOOOOOOOOO!" to while falling down a bottomless hole. =)

Amanda said...

Oooo - I hadn't seen the Babette blanket until now - it's fantastic! Yes, make one so I can vicariously enjoy it!