Monday, September 24, 2007

This Mommy Gig

Man, is it tough! I'm exhausted! But then, it's worth it for this little face...

My girl Blue is a beautiful child, if I do say so myself. She's also gassy. We're working hard to get her to latch properly so she doesn't click and draw in extra air while she nurses. Fortunately, in the 2 short weeks of her life, her digestive system has begun to catch up and learn to process the gas better. Now she grunts and windmills those arms and makes MANY very un-ladylike sounds to get rid of it, but at least she doesn't scream all night because of it. She also smiles a lot to herself in her sleep because of it, and I know it's not a smile with all the meaning behind your typical smile, but it's still the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

Since we're totally sleep deprived and still trying to figure the girl out, of course we're moving to MN on Saturday. Yes. We are insane. The packing has been going ok- mostly because we did a lot while I was still pregnant. My friend Nicole came over yesterday and was the little Packing Nazi that I knew she'd be. She got a lot of my kitchen loaded up. Carl did tons of packing, too. I did one box while Miss Blue had a brief nap.

We also had our going away party yesterday. Just a note for any of you thinking of doing this- try not to move from someplace you've lived for 8 years where you've made fantastic friends while you're post-partum. It'll cut down on the tears. This week of saying goodbye is not easy, but the party helped us feel like we were getting on with it. I'll be glad when we're all safely loaded into my in-laws' basement. Then it'll all be done and we can take a moment to recover before job hunting and house/apartment hunting in the Twin Cities. Yay!

So, I may not be around much in the next week or so. I'm sure you understand. I'm making all my big life changes at once. Thank you all for your lovely notes about our girl. We're crazy about her- even at 4 am.

Oh, indulge me! Just one more!


hesira said...

She's so beautiful and tiny!

Have a safe move. Once you get settled in, indulge us some more with pictures of little Blue!

JustApril said...

Yeah, that momma thing can get overwhelming. I can't imagine rolling a move into that newborn mix. Of course, better to move now than later when you have loads of kid stuff.

Blue is gorgeous. We'll be very glad to see as many pictures as you want to share. I don't think any of us will get tired of it. =)

dragon knitter said...

honey, i really do UNDERSTAND. i moved when liam was six days old. yes, that was days. i was still in that "cramp every time he latches on, and pound on the floor til it stops" mode, and it was a bitch trying to pack. oy!

you'll get through it.

Knitting Bandit said...

A smile is a smile. Gas or not! (Those baby gas drops are a gift! Mylocan? I think. Ask your pediatrician.)
Happy Moving!

Amanda said...

Oh Susan, she is beautiful. Excellent work on this FO - she's amazing.

Drive safely to Minnesota! I'm envious and I fully expect that when we get brave enough to pack it all up and head for home that you and I, and little Blue of course, will be planning regular trips to Turtle Bakery for lots of knitting!