Saturday, September 01, 2007

Another near miss

Yesterday after my appointment with the doctor, she sent me to labor and delivery because I was having contractions (although not painful ones), I was about halfway effaced, dilating, and the child was definitely in position. I was monitored, I walked for an hour, they checked me and sent me home.

So disappointing.

It's going to happen soon, and they all expect me to go on my own this weekend. But man, to be in the room (where, incidentally, I left my toothbrush... I know, there for all of two hours and I managed to leave my toothbrush... my teeth just felt gross) and thinking this might be it and then to realize it isn't kind of sucks. I got to eat, though, so that's always good. And I slept like a log last night, so that's good, too.

Today? Mission: Labor.


hesira said...

You are so close! I can't wait to see your little one!

JustApril said...

It stinks to get sent home when you expect to stay. I was sent home twice with my last baby. But the fact that you are 50% effaced and starting to dilate is super good. Maybe your labor will be one of those fast progressing ones. HOPE SO!

dragon knitter said...

i was sent home 3 times with my second daughter. christmas eve, new years eve, and january 15. the doctor wasn't sure about my due date because i was nursing at the time, and didn't have my period. they didn't do ultrasounds unless it was a medical emergency in those days (she's 21 1/2 now, lol), so we had no clue. her birthday? january 29th. ugh. (the day after the challenger explosion, so guess what was on tv all that day?)

go jump off a curb a couple of times, or take a ride over a bumpy road, lol.

or pray for a thunderstorm. set me off with 2 of my kids.