Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm home. No baby, despite 9 hours of pitocin and contractions. We'll try again this weekend.

At this point, it's becoming really funny. Almost.

Actually, we're fine, just a little frustrated. It obviously wasn't time. The baby is still very active and healthy, and that's the most important thing. Keep your fingers crossed for Saturday!

Maybe I'll post more fake labor pictures.

P.S. No knitting coasters with an IV in my wrist. Bummer.


Kristen said...

Eek! I just found you through Ravelry--apparently we are not only project neighbors, we live in the same town. And as you're at a VERY interesting point in your life right now, I'll just say "hi," wish you all the best of luck for a speedy, safe, and happy delivery, and catch up once you and baby are home, dwelling in separate bodies, and ready to knit again. (Yes, I am assuming that baby will knit from Day 1.)

dragon knitter said...

i've always thought doctors are too quick to induce. i was 12 days late with child #1, and 14 days late with child #2 (this was in the dark ages, when they didn't do ultrasounds unless there was a dire reason, so, as i'd been nursing child #1, and had no period, we didn't know quite when conception was), and neither child was overly large, or stressed. child #1 was my smallest, at 6#13 oz. and child #2 was 8#. both are very healthy 22 & 21 year olds now, lol.

you'll be fine. soon, you'll be holding your precious little one.

JustApril said...

Well... this was about 7 days ago. So... are you babyfied yet? Just checking.