Monday, October 22, 2007

A month and 6 weeks

Hi! Remember me? I've had a bit of a hiatus. Actually, I was going to take a week or so off to move, and then catch up again, but I blinked and suddenly I've been back in Minnesota for 3 weeks. What's even more crazy is that our little Blue is already 6 weeks old! And for continuing to come here even though I've given you zilch for a month, you get a cute baby picture...

She looks very solemn here, but in her everyday life, she's been smiling and cooing and generally adorable. She's met all of her cousins, all of her Aunts and Uncles except for the Sleepy-Voiced Sister (who's having a baby in April!!!) and her husband, all of her Grandparents and 4 of her 6 Great-Grandparents.
She's growing like a weed, and I'm just trying to enjoy it all. She's already outgrown her newborn clothes- you know, the clothes she's been wearing since she was born? The only clothes I've known her in? Yeah, it was oddly sad when I realized she wouldn't be wearing those things anymore. I'm not one to try to hold kids back, but I got a little lump in my throat when I realized how much she'd grown and changed. But mostly, I'm fiercely proud of how she's thriving.

As for other endeavors in my life, there haven't been any. I've mostly tried to get us settled in our temporary home and been on call to feed the girl. I haven't knitted a stitch (you were right, Jenny), painted or sketched. I have been taking pictures, though, as most new parents do, so it's giving me a creative outlet for the time being. Maybe I can get a job in photography...
I'm really trying to get online and update more often, but our computer in the basement isn't hooked up to the internet, and there are a number of people wanting to use the family computer around here. I'll do my best, though, because I miss all my imaginary friends!
Speaking of imaginary friends, I just picked up Crazy Aunt Purl's book! SO EXCITED! I haven't read any blogs since Blue was born, and this is like a little taste of my former life.
Must go- Blue needs to eat. It's been wonderful staying with SVH's family, because there are so many people who want to hold the baby. But I'm still the only one who can feed her...


JustApril said...

AAAWWWWW so sweet. Looks like deep thought =) Yeah, it's totally sad that they are only in those newborn clothes for a nano second. Time flies like no other time in your life when you have a baby. Not sure why, maybe because they change SO fast it's hard to keep up.

hesira said...

She's so beautiful!

I understand what you mean about the sweet sadness of them getting too big for their first clothes. You know, with both of my boys, I held out a couple of their sweetest newborn outfits and a single newborn diaper, and put them away in a special place. I can go back and look at them and remember how small and precious they were.

Take your time and get settled in and enjoy these days. Everyone told me they would seem like a blur and be hard to remember, and I didn't believe them, but they were right. Just relax and enjoy it as much as possible.

PS: Thanks for the lovely photo!

Faith said...

Wow Susan. She is so beautiful and you sound so happy! I am looking forward to hearing more!